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        What's Growing In My Garden - June

        What's Growing In My Garden - June

        June is a tricky month for flower growers. For those of us without a hoop house in zone 4 (in Wisconsin), that means we are in the gap season when early bloomers like Daffodils, Tulips and Peony are done blooming and we are waiting for the warm season annuals to catch up.

        I take advantage of perennials and cool season flowers (plants that thrive in cooler weather) which help fill the gap and offer my flower subscribers beautiful bouquets before the you-pick and farm stand open.

        I thought I would share with you what's growing in my garden now to help you plan your own seasonal garden and give you a glimpse at what you can find on the stand and you-pick in July!

        This is a late June flower bouquet. Let's break it down..

        june subscription bouquet


        Shasta and field daisies. These are perennials and have a long vase life. My one issue with them is that they sometimes get dirty looking and attract bugs.

        shasta daisy


        Feverfew. One of my favorite cheery flowers! These are cool flowers that I start in soil blocks in March and put in the ground in April. Excellent filler flower!



        Curley Dock grows as a weed everywhere around the property. It makes a great foliage, has long vase life and presents tinges of pink on the edges. It works well for adding an element of height to arrangements.

        Curley Dock


        I love Strawflowers! They are also a cool flower which I start in early March in soil blocks, and plant in the garden in April. They are everlastings which means you can dry them and they will retain their color!



        Yarrow is a perennial and makes a beautiful filler flower. I've arranged this grouping to show you the colors that range from white with yellow centers to pale pink, salmon, and 3 unique shades of pink from light to dark. These are cut and come again and bloom all season.



        Bupleurum is a cool flower and self seeds in my garden if I let the seed heads self sow in the fall. It makes an airy foliage with lime green centers and will continue to send shoots if you cut low enough on the stem when harvesting. Be sure to pick early in the day as it wilts when the temps get too hot.



        Bachelors Buttons are fun little flowers while being a real pain to harvest due to it's intertwining stems. They are not perennials but are cool flowers and will self seed if left to do so. Keep them deadheaded for blooms all season. The pollinators LOVE them and they also make a great edible flower.

        bachelors buttons


        Lambs Ear is a perennial. It is just like a lamb's ear - very soft to the touch. It has excellent vase life and will continue to send new shoots if you harvest it low on the stem above a leaf.

        Lambs Ear


        Snapdragons are started in March in soil blocks and planted out as seedlings in April. I love all the colors and varieties! If you pinch them when they are a few inches tall, they will send out lots of shoots.



        That breaks it down for the month of June! I will have a few more cool flowers on the way soon... I see Calendula, Statice and Russian Sage getting close to harvest stage!

        Summer is just around the corner with a whole new set of flowers to showcase! Stay tuned!