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        Guides and Resources — bouquet

        Bucket of Blooms

        bucket of blooms
        Order a beautiful Bucket of Blooms flowers for DIY bouquets and arrangements. Picked fresh, local flowers will offer a longer vase life for your enjoyment.

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        Fabulous Foraged Foliage for your Bouquets

        foliage for bouquets
        The secret ingredient for fabulous bouquets is foliage! The bigger secret, is foraging foliage from your landscape! Learn which landscape plants are the best to use as foliage giving a long vase life and adding beauty to your bouquets.

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        8 Filler Flowers to Make Your Arrangements Pop

        8 Filler Flowers to Make Your Arrangements Pop
        Filler flowers are considered a secondary flower to large focal flowers because they are smaller and fill in the spaces between. For a more dimensional and creative cut flower garden, consider trying filler flowers. Even if you grow just a couple, you'll see how they enhance your arrangements with a delightful diversity.

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