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        christine melby

        Hello! I’m Christine Melby.

        You’re here because you’re looking for something delightful.

        The problem is, with all the demands of family, work and home, the constant distractions of social media, not to mention all the negativity in the world, it’s hard to find delight.

        That’s why I began Two Bees & A Bud.

        I know that finding a place that fills you up in that way can be challenging.

        Before I started growing flowers, I owned my own business while being a caregiver to my mom and also raising three kids.

        I needed a sanctuary for my soul, a place to slow down, space to be inspired and just BE for a while.

        That’s why I made sure our farm offers fulfilling experiences - because I needed it too!

        Since 2020, I’ve nurtured rows of colorful flowers for you to wander through, be curious about and design beautiful bouquets with.

        I've designed peaceful areas - by the glistening water to ponder, and hammocks nestled among the whispering pines to unwind and daydream.

        If you're bringing family and friends, you'll love gathering in the Flower Barn. It's a charming venue for a party or to join in a creative workshop.

        And if you desire adventure, try a walk in the woods or gliding on the pond in a kayak - it will surely energize you.

        Come visit the farm. I'm confident you'll discover something that resonates with your soul and brings you delight.


        My Story

        The coronavirus had just started in March of 2020 and the business I was running was hit hard and was destined to close. I needed a plan B.

        In an effort to find hope and peace, I prayed, walked our farm and meditated- but I was still unsettled. Then on April 13th, I took an impromptu online yoga class.

        The instructor opened the class with a verse from Thomas Merton's journal titled "April 13 - Nothing Counts Except Love” where he reflects, “What is not worth sharing is not worth bothering about.”

        That was the pivot moment.

        What that verse said to me was that I needed to do something new. Something meaningful and worth sharing with others- especially my mom who was in a care facility in quarantine a few miles away.

        "Grow flowers" was the answer I heard.

        Thanks to a supportive husband and family, we got to work on the things to bother about: online classes, tilling the field, building raised beds, planting seeds and waiting to see what would grow.

        Our first season was a 180. From fear and despair to growing beauty and hope. I was sharing bountiful bouquets with my mom and others at the nursing home, teachers, shut-ins, people who were grieving, and those who just needed some pretty flowers to brighten their week.

        Don't get me wrong, it wasn't easy. It was hard, hot and demanding work. But I relied on my life motto: Do the thing you think you cannot do. And somedays I had to repeat that many times until I had pushed through.

        This flower farming life IS worth bothering about. It's engaging with a community of people who find something in common- people who connect through the beauty and their stories, and who make the world a happier place. I'm excited to share that with you! Come on by the farm!


        P.S. Click HERE to check out the calendar of events for the season and save some dates. I look forward to seeing you soon! 


        What other's have to say...

        "We had such a lovely time at Two Bees & A Bud! The flowers and the atmosphere was so wonderfully peaceful! Christine's background story is very heartwarming. Never give up, do for others and do what you love. Thank you Christine for your wisdom! Highly recommend." ~ Holly Noah from Facebook

        "A group of six of us had a great experience at Two Bees & A Bud! Christine's gardens are so beautiful and the setting is quite lovely. We all felt very welcomed. We also learned about flowers from Christine and how to make a great flower arrangement. She's a good teacher! I highly recommend going to Two Bees & A Bud for a fun flower picking experience and memorable time with friends!"
        ~ Melissa Meyer from Facebook


        My Vision

        My vision has always been to provide a space of delight for you. Because just like me, I know what you really crave is a connection to something beautiful, peaceful, and grounding. My goal is to provide a quiet space to find yourself, to connect with your closest friends and family, and to spend enough time in a beautiful surrounding that you slow down and feel the blessings.


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        St Croix County Farmers Union

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