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        Two Bees & A Bud Began With a Pivot Moment

        The coronavirus had just started in March of 2020 and the business I was running was hit hard and was destined to close. I needed a plan B.

        In an effort to find hope and peace, I prayed, walked our farm and meditated- but I was still unsettled. Then on April 13th, I took an impromptu online yoga class.

        The instructor opened the class with a verse from Thomas Merton's journal titled "April 13 - Nothing Counts Except Love” where he reflects, “What is not worth sharing is not worth bothering about.”

        That was the pivot moment.

        What that verse said to me was that I needed to do something new. Something meaningful and worth sharing with others- especially my mom who was in a care facility in quarantine a few miles away.

        "Grow flowers" was the answer I heard.

        Thanks to a supportive husband and family, we got to work on the things to bother about: online classes, tilling the field, building raised beds, planting seeds and waiting to see what would grow.

        Our first season was a 180. From fear and despair to growing beauty and hope. I was sharing bountiful bouquets with my mom and others at the nursing home, teachers, shut-ins, people who were grieving, and those who just needed some pretty flowers to brighten their week.

        Don't get me wrong, it wasn't easy. It was hard, hot and demanding work. But I relied on my life motto: Do the thing you think you cannot do. And somedays I had to repeat that many times until I had pushed through.

        This flower farming life IS worth bothering about. It's engaging with a community of people who find something in common- people who connect through the beauty and their stories, and who make the world a happier place. I'm excited to share that with you! Come on by the farm!


        P.S. I invite you to check out my Two Bees & A Bud Look Book. It's very special to me!