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        Honey & Adventures in Beekeeping


        beekeepersbeehivesbeekeepingextracting honeybeehive insideHONEY EXTRACTIONBeehut


        Back before we had a farm, we took a beekeeping class as a family with dreams of our own hives some day. In spring of 2020 Kevin built our bee hut, added electric wire across the front (to protect our hives from predators -yes we have bears walk through our property) and we started our first 2 hives! Sadly both colonies died that winter but in the spring of 2021 we bought more bees and now we have 4 thriving hives!

        The bees love our clover fields, access to fresh water on our pond and the wide variety of colorful flowers which are loaded with pollen! In fact, they love it so much, we harvested 30 GALLONS of honey from our happy bees in 2021! It's a family job to harvest that much honey! It's sticky and heavy and super sweet fun!

        We can't possibly eat that much honey but we enjoy sharing with family and trying new recipes like whipped honey, hot honey and infused honey. You will be able to purchase these from our farm stand or farm store (opening in 2022).

        We have oodles these 16 oz bottles of delicious golden honey made by the happiest bees around and have larger quantities (quart and gallon) available upon request, just ask!

        Order online now for pick up in the off season!

        100% Pure Honey
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