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        These Sweet Peas are a specialty cut variety - with prolific flowers and nice long stems for use in arrangements, centerpieces and bedside posies. 

        Sweet Peas love cold and will thrive when planted now. 

        I've nurtured these sweet pea babies since February 14th, 2021. They have strong and long root systems and have been pinched for branching. They have been hardened off and are ready to go in the ground immediately.

        A planting and care guide will come with each purchase, however please note that these are annuals that require full sun and a trellis as they are climbers.

        I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do!

        Pick-up is at our farm on Monday, April 12 from 3-6pm or Wednesday, April 14 noon to 6pm. Please leave a note in checkout on which day you will be coming.

        Dahlia Tuber - Ferncliff Illusion
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